Engagement with art and culture on a professional level needs enthusiasm, a dynamic attitude, and well-founded specialist knowledge. The same holds true for the maintenance of these unique values. Our specialists at Digital Chroma Agency offer not just unique experience, but also industry knowledge and love for this difficult field.

Art Management

Art galleries, museums, theatres, opera houses are all legal entities that must satisfy legal, economic, and organizational criteria to existing and function in society. Our job is to assist for-profit and non-profit art institutions in meeting these criteria.

Furthermore, art institutions often confront financial and technological limitations. For example, every art institution must be financially sustainable, manage employees, obtain financing, and more.

As a result, art management is a necessity.

Event Management

For us there is no such a thing as “one-size-fits-all solution”

We tailor what we do to what you require and what is affordable. it is always your event and we adjust what we do and how we do it to best suit your requirement

You can surely join forces with Digital Chroma Agency as we:

  1. Listen to your goals to help you define the target audience.
  2. Build the campaign based on your budget and the personality of your product/service.
  3. Design a landing page with agenda, time, location, speaker details, sharing buttons etc.
  4. Create promotional content for various channels using specific brand guidelines provided by you such as colour palette, font style, logo etc.
  5. Create physical collaterals like badges and lanyards.
  6. Go the extra mile with reminder emails and calls.
  7. Create and execute games, polls, quizzes, etc. for better engagement and education of your product/ service.
  8. Work on post-event marketing tactics like thank-you and missed-you emailers, feedback forms, and several other touchpoints.
  9. Review the campaign to help you make decisions that are future-ready.

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